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Casper Overview

Casper is the second largest city, in the state of Wyoming. The city has an estimated population of 67,931 and is known for its amazing and abundant natural landscapes. Casper has a rich historical culture of cowboys and as a boomtown, dating back to development of the nearby Salt Creek. Today, the city has become the regional center of banking and commerce; you may check related industries information via All in all, the city has everything to offer, making it a great place for living, giving you a small-town feeling.

Popular Tourism & Things to Do

Casper is well-known for its natural landscapes, the Rocky Mountains, and is well known for world-class fly-fishing on the North Platte River, making it an absolute dream for outdoor enthusiasts. Casper's small-town feeling while being the second largest city of Wyoming has revitalized the city's focus on art, culinary scenes, and restoring the downtown area. Casper is also home to many historical sites and museums, making it a perfect place for history lovers too, where you can spend leisure time in different activities.

Casper Economy

In 1890, the city was declared as a regional petroleum industry center, after the discovery of crude oil. The oil was first discovered in the famous Salt Creek Oil Field in 1889, and for decades the city’s economic growth was based on crude oil. Today, Casper is known as a regional center of banking, commerce, and energy industries because of the recent development of uranium and coal fields, making the utilities sector the highest paying industries in this region. To get business information of related industries, you may check

Education in City

The education sector of Casper is competitive with other states of the U.S., as the community college offers a 16 year degree accredited through the University of Wyoming. The district offers 16 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and three schools for state-of-the-art public education. The city also has a public library, which is a branch of Natrona Public Library System for building a healthy community.

Culture of Casper

Casper Wyoming holds many of the cultural values of the American West. The festivals for the celebration of rodeos or western culture are quite popular. The city also has many historic buildings and museums, which provides a positive environment where one can learn and explore new things. We have a list of museums and historic buildings, which you can check at

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